Excalibur Food Dehydrator

Company founder Roger Akins discovered a product in the late 1980's and a way of life that continues to be the centerpiece. The product was the twin gear living juicer and the philosophy was that of raw foods. Over the years, the company has evolved to incorporate what we see as the fundamental tools to increase living foods, fresh air and pure water in your life.

The Excalibur food dehydrator is by far one of the most superior food dehydrators available. The excalibur dehydrator is perfect for preserving raw foods at home and is suitable for fruits, vegetables, fish and meats, herbs and flowers and more. For 34 years, Excalibur dehydrator has been the number one choice for home food dehydration or the small business environment.

Using food dehydrators is the healthiest, easiest, most economical way to preserve foods. The dehydrator is an environmentally friendly way of making sure that you do not waste your fresh produce by throwing it away when it goes off.

The excalibur dehydrator not only makes dried fruit, but also soups, sprouted seed crackers, stews, beef jerky, fruit rolls, yogurt, dry flower bouquets, dough and clay art.

The Excalibur dehydrator is reputed to be the best dehydrator for preserving the nutrient and enzyme levels of living foods. The best technique for retaining the enzymes is to set the excalibur dehydrator on 40•�C setting throughout the entire cycle. That way the food temp will never go above 48•�C even after it is dry.

The excalibur dehydrator features the Parallexx�¢ Drying System for even drying. Horizontal airflow provides even drying, eliminating tray re-stacking, the drying is fast and heat is not lost as the dehydrator doesn't need to be taken apart to change the tray sequence. This temperature controlled, fan forced, horizontal drying system, not often seen in other food dehydrators, is mounted in the rear of the unit. Cool air is drawn in the back, heated and distributed evenly across each tray, pushing moisture out of the front of the dehydrator.

The excalibur dehydrator will dry large or small items, liquids or solids. This dehydrator is the perfect choice for those interested in gardening, hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, camping and trekking, crafts, health, nutrition, special dietary needs, raw and living foods, sustainable living and more.
Food dehydrators like the Excalibur are perfect for making tasty snacks like beef jerky. Simply place some thinly sliced beef, marinated in soy, teriyaki, salt, herbs or any marinade you desire, on the drying racks of the excalibur dehydrator, set the temperature to around 145 •�C, the timer to 8 hours and let the dehydrator do the hard work.

The excalibur dehydrator makes delicious dried fruit in no time at all. Simply cut thin slices of your favourite fruit (e.g. apple, pineapple, apricots, figs), place the slices on the trays of the dehydrator, set temperature to 135 •�C and leave for around 2-3 hours. To preserve the living enzymes of the fruit, simply set a lower temperature on the excalibur dehydrator and dry the fruit for longer.

Use your dehydrator to make healthy snacks that you and your whole family will enjoy. Fruit Roll-ups made in the excalibur dehydrator are not only healthy but they taste great.

To make Strawberry and Yoghurt Roll-Ups in the dehydrator, simply blend one punnet of strawberries, 2 bananas and 3 dollops of good quality yoghurt in a good blender (we recommend the Power Mill then pour onto a Teflex Sheet. Place into the excalibur dehydrator and dehydrate for approx. 10 hours at 45•�C.

The excalibur dehydrator is a Vitality4Life approved product, meaning that this superb dehydrator offers superior value and quality, delivers genuine health benefits and is made in a way that recognises the scarcity of our planet's resources.

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    I am very happy with this product and would buy one again in a heartbeat. 10 yrs and not one single problem with it. Excalibur dehydrators

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