Pointers For Choosing An Ice Block

When you are holding an event like a corporate party, a get together, or a wedding, you can expect a large number of guests. An ice block which has been sculpted will be a big draw. You can choose a design which fits in with the theme of the event. Your guests will enjoy getting their drinks from an ice luge. Depending on the weather, it will be an ideal way to cool off.

You should look on the internet for companies which provide ice blocks. You can make a list of a couple of them based on their prices. If you happen to know someone who has ordered these items for a similar event, you can ask them for recommendations.

Check the dimensions of the ice block and determine the size that you will require. You can check with the company personnel on the amount of ice which you can expect your guests to consume. It would be wise to keep at least a pound of ice for every guest.

If it is very hot, you should increase your order by half. For events like weddings, you should double your order. Think about the design you want sculpted on the ice block in advance. You can ask the company staff to get it done.

Check the amount they will charge for doing so. Otherwise, you can hire a professional suggested by the company or even do it yourself. Order a little extra ice in case of emergencies. Check that the company is a reliable one which has quality controls.

You may need to pick up the ice block in a truck as it can be heavy. It is difficult to transport it in a car, so if you can't organize a truck, check whether the company will deliver it for you. Schedule the delivery close to theservices time of the event so that the ice will last longer.

Determine the cost so that you can decide whether ti fits in your budget. Draw up a list of questions you have so that you can clear your doubts with the company staff. If you have the time you may even want to visit the facility.

You should go through the client list so that you can be confident about you choice when you order an ice block. Suffolk County, NY residents should look for a company close by so that you can expect speedy service. Once your order arrives, you can place it in a convenient position.

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